Custom Mirrors in San Diego

Accent your favorite room with a custom framed mirror.


Custom framed mirrors are a fantastic addition to just about any room in your home. At Artware, we have certified framers that are ready to create any mirror you might need and have thousands of frame styles you can choose from. We can create many different types of mirrors, including oval, antique, beveled, or plain mirrors and can create them to your specifications.

If you’re ready to have a custom mirror created for your home, we can help. We have design experts that can help you choose the type of mirror as well as the perfect frame for your needs so you don’t have to plan everything on your own.

Types of Mirrors That Can be Created

Custom mirrors enable you to truly envision your space and the mirror you want to hang in it. They enable you to search through all available options to choose the type of mirror you want as well as to finalize all of the details and create a mirror you’re going to love. We offer numerous types of mirrors you can choose from.

  • Oval Mirrors – You don’t need to pick a square or rectangle shape for your mirror. If circles are more your style, we can create an oval mirror for you. This might look fantastic in many different rooms in your home.
  • Antique Mirrors – If you prefer an older style in your home, we can create an antique mirror for you. We’ll make it look like it’s an older mirror that you have had for years while ensuring it’s made to your specifications and is a high-quality mirror that will last many years.
  • Beveled Mirrors – Beveled mirrors have what appears to be a frame around the edge because of the way the glass is cut. We can create beveled mirrors to your specifications if you’d prefer this type of framing for your mirror to maximize the effects of the mirror.
  • Vanity Mirrors – When you want to get ready in the morning, you need a mirror you can trust to give you an accurate view of your hair, makeup, and clothes. However, you’re going to want to ensure it matches your style as well. We offer vanity mirrors to ensure you can create a mirror you’ll love using every morning.
  • Bathroom Mirrors – Do you prefer smaller, personal mirrors over your bathroom vanity or would you like one large mirror that provides as much view as possible when you’re getting ready to go in the morning? No matter what your preference is, we can help you create the perfect bathroom mirror to meet your needs and match the style of your bathroom.

How Does a Custom Mirror Benefit a Room?

Mirrors provide many different benefits for your home. In any room, they’ll make the room look bigger and more comfortable. They’ll help push sunshine around the room when the windows are open, making the room brighter and more inviting. They’ll add style to your room and, when the right mirror is created, can be a focal point in the room.

When you choose a custom mirror for your home, you can decide exactly how it looks, what shape it is, and how big it is. You get to make sure it’s the perfect mirror for your home and won’t have to be stuck with a mirror you purchase at the store but that just isn’t right for your home. At Artware, we can help you make sure you choose the right options to create the perfect custom mirror for any room in your home.

Professionals Create the Custom Mirror You Want

At Artware, we have over 12 years of experience designing and creating custom mirrors for many homeowners. We’re ready to help you create the perfect mirror for any room in your home. We’ll provide high-quality craftsmanship and will complete your custom mirror quickly. We’ll also ensure we offer affordable pricing so you don’t spend too much to create the custom mirror you’re looking for.

Today, we offer thousands of frame styles you can choose from. We can create any size frame and mirror to make sure it fits your space perfectly. We also offer frames in wood or metal to complete the look you’re after.

If you’re ready to create a custom mirror for your home, give us a call today. Let one of our design specialists help you create a mirror that’s going to look amazing in your home and provide all of the benefits you’re looking for. We’re ready to start working on your custom mirror.

Custom Mirrors For Any Size Customer

Artware provides high quality craftsmanship, prompt completion, and affordable pricing to customers of all sizes.

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