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Need custom picture frames in San Diego? Many wonder about the differences between custom picture frames and the standard-sized ones found in craft and department stores. There are some notable differences to consider, particularly if the piece to be framed is valuable or of specific dimensions.

Greater Personalization

Personalizing a studio, home, or office with custom picture frames is a perfect way to beautify your surroundings and express your unique personality. While it’s possible for others to copy your furniture, lighting, and other décor choices, it’s very unlikely that anyone else will ever have the same picture frames. No matter what you’re framing, whether it’s a cherished art piece, a mirror, or a family photo, a custom picture frame will add visual interest and class to any space.

The Framer's Experience

Different kinds of art require special treatment. For instance, canvases shouldn’t be handled the same way as needlework, charcoal sketches, and lithographs. Custom picture framers have likely worked with thousands of photos and prints, and with all that experience, they know which errors to avoid. Our custom picture framers have in-depth knowledge of color, design, proportion, size, and style, and they use that knowledge to recommend the right framing for any office or home. When you choose us, you’re assured of quality, professional work.

The Ultimate in Quality

Professional framers have specialized techniques and specific tools that, when combined with the experience and knowledge mentioned above, ensure high-quality products. Store-bought frames are typically made of resin or plastic, and glass is likely not UV-resistant. In many instances, the ‘glass’ in a store-bought frame is actually an acetate sheet, mats are made of wood cellulose, and backings are cheap, flimsy cardboard. All these materials will damage art and photographs because of their high acidity and other factors. Additionally, the size of the piece dictates the final dimensions of the frame and mat. When working with a custom framer, it’s not necessary to force-fit an art piece into a readily available frame size.

Greater Selection

Custom art and photo framing shops usually have a wide range of materials from which to choose, and framers are able to locate materials that are usually expensive or hard to find in small quantities. Custom picture framers offer nearly unlimited matting and molding options, which allows them to harmonize the art with the environment and give the customer a framed piece that reflects their style and individuality. With our extensive selection, we can display and frame items that may otherwise be impossible to fit into traditional frames, such as graduation mementos and heirloom jewelry.

Better Protection

Over the years, photos and art may turn yellow, fade, or be damaged by UV light. However, the materials used by custom framers are specifically designed to protect valuable art. Acid-free, top-quality mats and other materials protect artwork and keep it in immaculate condition, so you’re assured that your precious memories will stand up to the rigors of time. What’s more, custom picture frames increase value retention, as poorly treated art will deteriorate and lose its value much faster.

Archival Quality

Store-bought mats and frames are usually not acid-free, and as such, they might not offer a high enough level of protection from light, air, and other environmental perils. Custom framers have access to the market’s most technologically advanced materials, and we assure clients that their pieces won’t yellow, fade, or deteriorate with the passage of time.

Museum-Quality Presentations

Our framing experts are highly skilled at presenting each piece in the most attractive, fitting setting possible, and they will work with you to help you choose a mat and frame that suits your tastes, your budget, and your desired viewing experience.

Specialized Options

No matter what you’re framing, every item deserves a unique, custom treatment. For example, a vintage photograph gives off a nostalgic vibe when it’s placed in a period-look frame. On the other hand, a colorful abstract art piece may be well complemented with a subdued, simple, classic frame. Talk to our framing experts to find out how we can tailor a frame to fit any image size and shape.

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Your uniquely valuable art pieces and photos deserve the highest quality frames and presentation, which is why it’s important to let experienced preservation specialists build custom picture frames for you. When you support our custom framing shop, you’re supporting a local enterprise. Our expert staff, with more than 60 years of combined experience, can work with you to frame almost anything and install it efficiently. Come into our shop or call us today to see how we can make your world more beautiful!

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